Money is the #1 Source of Stress for Couples

But it doesn't have to be!

Surveys have repeatedly shown money is the primary source of stress in relationships, and it’s no wonder—most couples receive little to no guidance around important financial questions before they tie the knot! Even a few basic conversations can help prepare couples to talk about finances as a unit. We go beyond the basics to help you and your partner Plan for Forever After (without the stress and fighting!).
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Money is the #1 Source of Stress for Couples
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What is Marriage & Money?

The Essentials: Start Here

This is the foundation for your financial Happily Ever After.

  • The Essentials

    Marriage & Money Course

      • Discussion Board to share with other couples
      • 30-minute follow-up session specific to your partnership*
      • Complimentary Invitation to Live Workshop with M&M professionals*

      *Limited Time Offer

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From newly engaged to seasoned partners, this is the place to start.


  • What makes Marriage & Money different from any other couple's financial course?

    There are no programs (that we are aware of) that include insight and input from financial planners, estate planners, and therapist on money anxieties without selling an investment/insurance product. This program gives you the proverbial peek behind the curtain so you can ask the right questions of your professionals.

  • What do we get out of the course?

    Actionable worksheets and tools, as well as insight into how you and your partner both view and deal with money and conversations about it. Some examples of tools include:

    • Value System worksheet
    • Sample Cash Flow statement
    • Net Worth Statement
    • A Guide to Effective Financial Planning
    • 10 Things to expect out of your financial advisor/planner

    Our goal is to be the most valuable wedding gift you could ever receive!
  • Can't I find all this info somewhere else for free?

    Free advice from your family & friends is the reason we created this workshop – no offense to your favorite Uncle or Aunt. All of the content comes from credentialed professionals. If you went to each professional individually, you'd pay an average of $200 per hour!

  • Do you offer a guarantee?

    We fully expect to meet your expectations with this course. If you are not satisfied, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.